Flying delivery men wearing space suits

How RS Components can make this your reality

“Imagine if you will, sitting down to your morning coffee and turning on home computer to read the day’s newspaper… Science editor Steve Newman reports on one person already using the brand new system”. KRON-TV news report, 1981.

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Imagine sitting on your home or office computer, without having to make a phone call or posting off a coupon, and ordering your weekly groceries or even electronic spares needed by the company’s technicians. A thought, that in 1981 was most probably so futuristic by most people that the technology belonged with intergalactic space travel, flying cars and hand held computers.

Today intergalactic space travel is not a far off reality with companies like Virgin Galactic, which is already taking bookings on its LauncherOne. Flying cars have not quite reached showroom floors but placing orders on your home computers has been a long time reality and one can even place orders on the move with handheld computers that even make “cordless” telephone calls.

According to Statistics published by Mastercard and reported on Tech Central, by Craig Wilson show that South Africans are still apprehensive, but that hasn’t stopped South Africans from spending R3,3bn online in 2012!

These statistics certainly are encouraging:

  • South Africans spent R3.3bn shopping line during 2012.
  • 2013 should see South Africans spending closer to R4.4bn in 2013.
  • 91% of South Africans who shop online are “highly satisfied”.
  • The most active market segment is South African men aged 35 to 44.
  • Plane, movie and theatre tickets remain the most popular purchases by South Africans.
  • Website retention rates are high, acquiring new customers is the challenge.
  • Only 12% of South African shoppers have purchased online via their mobile devices.
  • Secure payment facilities and convenient payment methods are the most important considerations.


This fantasy is made a reality that brings you cost and time savings. Who could wish for more? With RS-Online, we offer our customers quick and easy online purchasing accounts that are used by hundreds of customers across the globe. What’s more, online purchasing can significantly reduce your purchasing costs, allowing your company to benefit from significant savings. Ordering online reaps savings in money and time.

Jump aboard the world wide web-wagon wheel, there’s enough space for all. At RS Components, we have seen a significant increase in online ordering from our business customers. At present more than 40% of our orders now happen online. We expect this figure to double to more than 80% over the next two years.

From the comfort of your arm chair, or most likely, your desk chair, purchasing has never been easier. RS-Online and RS-Mobile provides you functionality with convenient and real time information about our current product range, prices and the availability of the 500,000 quality products that RS has to offer. The website also gives access to technical data and much more essential information.

Take an intergalactic trip and leave your procurement team behind in the safety of RS Online’s care. Purchasing Manager is a powerful free tool that guarantees you transparency and maximum control over your online orders with RS. Optional, additional functions make your purchasing easier without loss of control. It’s easy to set up and easy to use.

You can manage what is bought at the click of a button, and can determine, whether employees, cost centres and projects are allowed to purchase to certain budgets or if you want to setup and approval process for each order. The integrated reporting functionality helps to keep track of requisitions, orders and deliveries.

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In an era where technology is making our lives more convenient and allowing us to keep up with the rush of our daily lives, online purchasing is becoming the industry standard for the innovative minds behind the design, building and maintenance of state-of-the-art technologies.

In 1981, who would’ve dreamed of being able to make purchases and have them delivered to your front door on the 14th floor perhaps by flying delivery men wearing space suites, while you book your ticket into space, talk to your friend across the globe and keep up with the latest news all from the comfort of your remote controlled recliner… all with the aid of a handheld computer?