How buyers can be more productive

How buyers can be more productive 

Too often in business we get caught up in our work where we are unable to prioritise and distinguish between what can wait till tomorrow and what can’t.  As a result, we end up not achieving what we had set out to and our to-do-list end up getting longer and longer and eventually out of control.

Time sits still for no one, and those who are able to achieve more in life, is not because they are ‘super heroes’ but simply put, they have mastered the skill of achieving what they want in less time than others.  A great book to assist with time management, a must read, is by Brian Tracy, ‘Time Management’[1].

Mastering time management is especially important when it comes to buyers.  Buyers are faced with the constant stress of sourcing what to purchase, when and from what supplier, and should the materials not be purchased correctly or on time, inevitable impact on many areas of the company, like the production side and the company’s bottom line.  This places a huge responsibility on buyers to be able to effectively time manage their daily responsibilities.

An infographic, by Loke Shi Ying, ‘5 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People’ [2],  is a great source to assist with time management,  she illustrates how one can learn from the tactics of leaders and entrepreneurs who are at the top of their game and who know how to achieve what they want in less time than others. This is a great source to assist not just buyers but busy people as well.

1. Brain Tracy, Time Management