RS team building at the JP Morgan Challenge, March 2014

JP Morgan Challenge, RS Team Building Event

Why do companies participate in team building activities?

Numerous times we hear about teams heading off to perform team building activities.  Do these gimmick activities actually work?  Do they provide the outcome companies sort after?  To no surprise, communication and working better together is the top reason why people choose team building.  Every company and employee wants a friendly work environment, where people are happy and motivated to work with each other.

Fundamentals of T.E.A.M;

T – Together

E – Engagement

A – Assistance

M – Mindset

RS team building at the JP Morgan Challenge, March 2014

RS team building at the JP Morgan Challenge, March 2014

Get everyone together, have a shared experience

Socializing in the work place and making friends is really one of the best ways to increase productivity.  Through shared experiences and team work, team bonding will evolve and employees will better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests and this understanding will help them to work even better, as a team on future work that is inevitably vital to a company.

Engagement through competition

Engagement through competition is also healthy in a company and has been known to show an increase in production.  By channeling that increased production into a fun, inclusive team building activity, employees are able to bond.

Assistance in creating a safe environment

Companies need to assist in creating an environment where people feel safe to share their thoughts with you and vice versa.  It’s an on-going process to create moments of truth and accountability in a company. When people feel appreciated for their feedback, they know they can come back and share more.

Mindset of positive thinking

Through team building activities, companies have the ability to build a positive thinking mindset which will result in a positive attitude and inevitable will lead to positive results.  Companies should encourage their employees to think big and positive.  The great thing about thinking positively is that it will help employees face challenges easier and be more motivated and excited.