eCommerce Website Models

eCommerce Website Models

As promised, I said I would share with you guys the different types of website’s which make up the eCommerce model.

You might think to yourself, I always thought an eCommerce website is where the occasional online purchase occurs. Well you are partially correct. Is there really more to it? Yes, there is always more to it. Can you identify the type of website you’re using? Do you know what a website can really do for you? Do you know what a websites limitations are? And can you recognise what sets these models apart?

3 Types of eCommerce Websites

Okay so first up we have the Content Based Model, this is a business model which charges a fee for access to the website’s information but does not offer the ability to buy and sell products. These websites share information with their customers and visitors and allow information to be extracted from their website at a price. E.g. downloading a certain manual, presentation or piece of raw content.

Information Based Model, this is a business model in which the website provides information about a business, its products, and other related matters but does not charge for its use. It is closely related to a content based website but there’s not much information or functionality that takes place on the website. The website is more like a channel to get to where you need to go e.g. a contact page to find the location of a store near you.

Transaction Based Model, this is a business model in which a website has content, information and provides the opportunity to buy and sell products. It is considered the center of the eCommerce universe. An excellent example of this kind of website is RS Components.

With the launch of RS’ eCommerce website in 2011, it has been there goal to reduce transaction costs of their customers and increase productivity. RS has 500,000 products available and can be viewed online with loads of content in the form of data sheets, product specifications and eBooks and Infographics. Ordering at RSOnline is simple with same day dispatch and quick delivery. Almost 50% of RS’ customer orders take place online as more and more businesses are joining the online revolution and taking advantage of the obvious benefits.

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