Top 5 Reasons B2B product catalogues are disappearing

The Top 5 Reasons B2B product catalogues are disappearing…..

The days when the buyers in a company were surrounded with thick catalogues of thousands of products are rapidly disappearing in South Africa.  In fact, RS South Africa is famous for having a catalogue of over 500,000 products which was a great resource for customers for both finding products and pricing or to keep a very heavy door open – we don’t do one anymore.

The problem with the catalogues from global companies like RS, is that they contain all the products within the global RS network but can’t tell you the availability, lead time or even if it’s possible to import them into South Africa.  So, nowadays, your suppliers and competitors are moving everything online to make it easier for customers to find and buy exactly what they need and know when it is going to be delivered to help make their jobs easier.

In fact, RS Online (http://za.rs-online.com) is now up to version 14.1 of the ecommerce website and 50% of their customers are now using it to place their orders and here are the reasons why.

1)  RS Online has a supercharged search functionality that allows customers to search for products and filter by brand, specification, price range and availability, getting them to that one unique product fast

2)   The paper catalogue meant customers had to pick up the phone to check availability, with RS Online all they need to do is select the product and it shows how quickly we can get it to them

3)  The pricing is always up-to-date on RS Online meaning that the quote and price comparison process is even quicker and cheaper, as customers no longer need to search the catalogue and give us a call

4)  Customers previously had to call to find out if there were new products or special offers but all of this is now instantly presented to them when they visit RS Online

5)  Catalogues couldn’t give you copy invoices, help place a repeat parts list order at the click of a button but RS Online does

So do yourself a favour….go and check out the website and put your catalogue to rest.  Move towards ecommerce and give your customers the same easy experience that we give ours – check out our eBook 2 to see how to build your own website.

And if you are an RS customer still using your catalogue, remember you are probably missing out on all the new product releases, promotions and discounts that are continuously updated at RS Online.