Email marketing, is it still effective?

Email marketing, is it still effective?

Email marketing often gets shoved under the carpet in today’s marketing world as there has never been more ways to reach the customer with the vast options available like Social Media, SEO, reputation management and too many more too mention.

In my opinion email is no pushover though as more and more people spend a bulk of their day on email as its available 24/7 through smartphones and tablets.  Email is a quick way to get your message across over thousands of km in seconds and one of the most cost effective ways of communicating.

Here are the top 6 reasons why email marketing is still effective.

  1. You can segment your customers giving you the chance to send what you want to who you want.  So a specific message can be tailored for certain demographics and interests in conjunction with the behavioral data which you have collected over the years.
  2. Keep your business top of mind, remember that there mailbox might be flooded with other mails from other businesses but they have subscribed to receive your mails, so don’t miss this opportunity.
  3. You can identify what your customers want.  Through trial and error and popularity of certain products in your product line you will be able to identify through click through rates whether that customer will be receiving a mail with that product again.
  4. Turning leads into customers. Use it as a platform to build and maintain relationship’s with your customers.  Keep them informed and let them know you care.
  5. Drive sales, highlight a new product, promotion or use existing customers to lure new ones.
  6. Measurement and performance. See how well your email marketing campaigns are working; see what you need to do to improve and get higher click through and conversion rates.  Is it a tweak in the messaging? Is it a change of products? Or is it simply targeted at the wrong market.

Email marketing is still alive and well and if used correctly could be an effective tool in your arsenal.

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