Customer Service vs Price

Customer Service vs Price

What will it take for a buyer to become a loyal customer? Is it offering a wide product range, awesome service, attention to detail or is it all about the price at the end of the day? Does the added services which a company offers play any role in your purchasing behaviour?

Let’s imagine for just a minute that we are about to engage with a supplier, the first thing that comes to mind is price. We determine whether or not the product we’re going to purchase is within our budget.  Our next thoughts would be have we had any bad experiences with the supplier, and if not how fast will we get the product we need. Certain projects would mean that quality is just as important.

So here’s our experience with the supplier whose price caught our attention:

  • We order the product and get no response
  • We don’t receive order confirmation
  • We don’t receive feedback that the product we ordered is out of stock
  • Our projects and to-do lists gets greater resulting in us getting busy and distracted
  • We don’t follow up
  • We receive a call weeks later finding out the product is not due for another few weeks.

As a result of our trust in the supplier’s capabilities, we miss our project deadlines due to the fact that price sensitivity overpowered terrible service and lack of communication.

If we used an alternate supplier which was slightly more expensive supposing they are known for  great service, then this is what we could expect:

  • Response to our quote
  • Order confirmation
  • Known stock availability
  • Follow up calls
  • Indication of ETA
  • Ability to plan project timelines accordingly

Without checking up on the supplier, they knew what had to be done. They value us as customers providing great service and ensuring that we remained happy.  They could  not  match in price, but made up for it with excellent customer service which resulted in a happy customer and a job well done.

Price is important, but so is customer satisfaction and value added services!