How do brands build trust with consumers?

How do brands build trust with consumers?

Through the decades, companies have always focused on developing trust with their consumers through brand association. A key focus of brands has been to develop trust with consumers, meaning that brands are able to deliver on its promises. Many companies over time have realised that should they not be able to keep their promise, consumers will turn away from their brand in search of one that is able to.  Why?  Consumers see and react to brands the same way they would a person with whom they cannot trust and depend on….its human behaviour.

Companies need to develop trust through meaningful brand experiences. How?  Companies need to ensure that they deliver consistently on their promises; the reward for this can be great and often leads to repeat purchases….loyal customers, which are ultimately what all companies strive for. Companies that communicate their brand promise consistently through packaging, emails, signage, promotional material and so forth, ensuring that they target customers correctly, help to contribute a positive association to the company’s brand.  At the end of the day, consumers develop brand loyalty through consumers hearing brand messages, then developing their own perceptions through their experience of trying the brand which ultimately lived up to its promises, the consumer then wants to purchase it repeatedly because they have now built trust in that brand which leads them to being a loyal customer.

Why are consumers loyal to certain brands? Is it because they are the best in the market? I would have to say that this is not always the case.  Consumers tend to be more loyal to brands that they feel is able to meet their expectations each and every time they purchase it, they trust the brand due to previous experience where the brand lived up to its promise and created a positive perception in the consumers mind and therefore the consumers will more than likely choose this brand over others.

An example, RS Components has built a powerful brand in their industry by focusing on their core strengths, wide product offering, leading brands, quick delivery and great customer service.  Through consistently delivering in their promise, customers were able to ‘live’ the brand after their experience and purchase.