The alternative?

The alternative?

How efficient and beneficial is your means of branding awareness…

Hundreds and thousands of promotional gifts are given by many companies frequently. Common items such as key rings, notepads, pens, mugs and almost anything you can think off.  Some of these items are hard to let go of as a result of your brand becoming a customer favourite. This has been seen to be an efficient and less expensive way of marketing your company to an extremely large audience weighed against other methods of advertising.

Our customers have been extremely excited to receive gifts from RS – for instance, we use promotional gifts to thank our loyal customers for their business, to our prospective customers and for improving customer relationships. Just a friendly reminder for them to know where to look, when they need a product or service.

There are various suppliers of promotional gifts; you can follow these tips in successfully identifying suppliers that can support your business requirements. Search for suppliers around your area, request for a quotation, ask for some samples of the gifts before placing an order. It’s easy to imagine and easy to do. Herewith factors for your consideration making sure that your promotional gifts serve the purpose they are meant to:

  • Always print contact info for a greater impact.
  • Be innovative with your gifts.
  • Choose a gift which can be used for longer ensuring better exposure.

Why not visit RSOnline shop at for a wide variety of cool gadgets, all at competitive prices with fast and reliable delivery. RS has a unique range of products which could be used as a gift to award stakeholders. We have out of the ordinary gifts which will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

It’s always important to get feedback from your customers to find out if the gifts given were beneficial. You can also measure the number of enquiries with prospect customers and the level of repeat purchase with existing customers.

A small token of appreciation will go a long way….