The Top 5 Tips to Balance Further Education and a Successful Career

The Top 5 Tips to Balance Further Education and a Successful Career…..

Further education, professional qualification and on the job experience is essential in South Africa today. An honours degree is a standard when applying for any entry level job to start getting the experience you need to climb the ladder and an MBA or Masters with at least 5 years experience is almost a prerequisite to join the ranks of middle management.

It’s tough working whilst studying for your Masters, so how do you continue to give 110% in your career to ensure you get the promotion to match the education you eventually achieve?

Only 40% of the students that start with a Masters whilst developing their careers complete it.  And so many people have MBAs now that the trend is becoming the completion of a terminal degree, a doctorate, to truly stand out from the crowd – and here the completion rate is about 5%.

So how do you balance both to achieve true success?  Here are 5 Top Tips….

1)      Find a company to work for that supports your further education

2)      Write up a schedule which includes every class you need to attend and every submission you need to make, every meeting you must prepare for and every task you need to achieve.  Include the public holidays and weekends to show how many hours you have to split between work, study and your personal life

3)      Compartmentalise your days, decide which section of your day will be focused on work, study and your family or friends – and stick to it

4)      Test whether you are a night or early morning person – you may be surprised that the 3 hours you usually spend focusing on a task late at night you can do better in just 1 hour in the early morning before work

5)      Apply what you have learnt in your studies to your work, this will help elevate you in your colleagues eyes and help cement your learnings crystallising your thoughts for the next paper you need to write

With these simple approaches to time management you will succeed in both your academic and professional careers – trust me I am.