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Red Robot website set to take content to the next level

Red Robot website set to take content to the next level

20 June 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa, – RS Components (RS) South Africa, the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the world’s leading high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products, today announced the launch of a new blog, Red Robot.

Red Robot will be home to their innovative and informative content including their latest blogs, articles, press releases, view point pieces, videos, e-books, infographics and much more.

The company holds one of the most advanced B2B transactional websites in the world and have won several ecommerce awards. Their website is a very effective and easy to use e-procurement system with electronic design tools to make online experiences far more effective and enjoyable. eCommerce is at the heart of their business strategy with 50% of local revenues being generated online. Red Robot is therefore the perfect accompanying website offering complimentary information to what the trading website already holds.

Mr Brian Andrew, GM of RS Components South Africa says, “Red Robot is RS South Africa’s industry news hot spot, featuring everything that’s hot, that’s new, including our experiences and learnings, what we think, what we are up to, or even just some food for thought.”

Red Robot is pretty neat, well designed and easy to navigate. “However, customers are not only interested in the appealing design, they just want the interactivity to work smoothly. This is exactly what we’ve accomplished,” he points out.

“What customers are really coming to Red Robot for is the content. At the end of the day content is still king and with Red Robot we try to provide our audience with interesting and relevant information from one central place, making procurement easier and making peoples jobs easier amongst other things, and this done in an entertaining way.”

In a popular book, ‘Million Dollar Web Presence’ authors Chad Barr and Alan Weiss lay out tactical strategies for building a brand and business by leveraging the Internet. The authors said content may be king, but provocative content is the ace.

Provocative content for RS means stimulating content that is memorable and adds value even in the form of a “food for thought” piece. Content is further seen as currency, meaning something exciting we trade for our audience’s attention, and the more it’s shared around, the more it increases in value.

“What’s most impressive about RS Components is that the company uses technology to help their customers improve their own businesses. The concept of lower total cost of ownership comes to life when you can quickly and easily order from RSOnline. No hassle, no fuss, no time wastage. That’s why businesses become more productive through ordering online at RS. They simply get things done quicker,” explains Louis Eksteen, Managing Director of hybrid marketing agency, Twisted Toast Digital, who assisted in developing Red Robot.

RS Components distributes over 500 000 products from 2500 industry leading brands by focusing on their core strengths, leading products, quick delivery and great customer service. Through consistently delivering on their promises, customers and audiences are able to live the brand after their experience and purchase.

Please visit Red Robot for RS’s latest blogs and content pieces or even to make any suggestions on navigation or desired content.
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About RS Components
RS Components is the market leader in the high service level distribution of electrical, electronic, mechanical, tools and industrial products. Operating in 26 countries whilst serving a further 100 through third-party distributors, RS serves every sector of industry in the procurement of their products relating to maintenance, repair, operations, low volume production, research and development. With over 500 000 products across 2500 leading brands, the company is committed to ensuring that their 1,5 million customers have fast access to a broad, as well as deep range, of products and technologies, all under one roof.

RS’s customers, whether ordering single or multiple items, experience a quick, easy, secure, painless and cost effective process. The RS catalogue, available at, offers full colour pictures with extensive clear product specifications. Free access to technical advisors and 90 000 datasheets ensure the correct product choice. Order placement is easily facilitated through, the call centre, e-mail, fax and trade counter. Locally held stock is delivered to customers within 24 hours, and products held internationally, within four to six working days.

It is proven that departments traditionally spend 80% of their time sourcing products that account for only 20% of their total procurement spend. RS is focussed on reducing the customers “total cost of product ownership” by reducing the need to make multiple calls to various companies to source products, reducing supplier related administration and allowing for the amalgamation as well as consolidation of supplier bases. Through this process, procurement efficiency is improved and time is freed up to concentrate on the more important business decisions.
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About Twisted Toast
Twisted Toast Digital is positioned where technology and marketing meet.
Technology plays an important role in all aspects of marketing. Twisted Toast Digital is a hybrid marketing agency that provides modern marketing services such as inbound marketing, marketing automation and content marketing. For more information, please visit the website at

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