Going Green

Go Green! Become energy efficient.

Going Green

Go Green – become energy efficient

There has been so much hype about being energy efficient in South Africa as we are at times very low on electricity. The latter from a South African point of view but on a global scale we so often hear the messages about having to save the planet and to go green.

This going green/energy efficient movement is in fact not just hype or some new yuppie phase. It’s actually very important to each and everyone on this planet, including today’s children and their children’s children to come.

Forbes reckons that there are many actions we can take that will lead us to a greener environment but that it might actually also save us money! Check out their article here.
In a nut shell there are a few key things that stood out for me that are absolutely within our reach. We can actually literally all do a small part which, combined, could make a big impact.

Ditch the paper! RS recently made a move to provide invoices to customers via email. Previously all invoices were sent by way of post. This was done nearly a month ago and the result is that 80% of our customers now receive invoices electronically. Thank you Mr. Customer for your support! Only 20% of our customers opted to continue receiving invoices in the post. A wonderful result which means we save on man hours, we save on cost but more importantly we save on paper. Not only is this good for business but also for the environment.

Restrict your printing. Internally we have implemented a system where we now have to input a code before we can print. This means our print-outs in communal printers do not go a miss in the mix by getting moved or lost, resulting in having to print documents again. Let’s keep doing small things that can help the environment!

Use Natural, Biodegradable cleaning products. This is once again a small action but it reduces employees or even family members exposure to harsh toxins or chemicals if you do this at the office or even at home and also lowers that which goes out in to the environment.
Start using LED lights. With LED lights you might be paying a little more now but in the long run you might actually save as LED’s have a longer life span than the traditional light bulbs. LED’s also use less energy which is good for both the environment and our electricity bills!

RS has a range of lighting products that can help save you energy and cost, check it out here.

Solar Power. Now here is something I find interesting especially given one of the projects we are working on at the moment, which is the Sasol Solar Car Challenge. The purpose of this project is basically for R&D purposes within the alternative energy and alternative fuel space. RS have sponsored up to 1Million Rand’s worth of products towards the UJ solar car.

Go check out the details of the challenge and track the race from start to finish, also learning and teaching our kids about solar power.

Powering your home and office with alternative energy sources such as solar power is becoming more and more popular. It might still be expensive to set up at this stage but it’s definitely worth it. With enough sun rays to go around in South Africa, this is absolutely something we can work towards. This can save on the expense of warming up your geysers for example!

Recycle! Implementing a recycling box at both the office and at home is such a simple thing to do. In fact we can all do this. We throw out so much of paper or soda cans and so forth… why not just throw it in the box instead of the bin and find a recycling bin where the full boxes can be taken to every week if there are no collection options available.

We have even recently selected recyclable promotional gifts in the form of notebooks and pens that we give to customers. Nice gifts to hand out as a small token of appreciation to our customers and as a bonus for the environment, it’s made from recyclable material!

Start by just becoming aware of your environment or perhaps by thinking of what this could mean for your children and our planet one day. We can all do a small part which might eventually have a big combined impact. Have you done anything at the office or at home that you could share? Any other ideas of how we can make an impact?

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us and email us at RS: RFeedback.ZA@rs-components.com.