World Cup brings all together!

World Cup brings all together!

Whether or not South Africa is in the World Cup, we cannot argue that we all have a team we want to see go all the way to the end.

This common desire to see our team’s progress and make it to the end can either get us highly annoyed or super supportive of one another.  One thing we can agree on is that the world cup brings people together.  It’s an exciting time of the year and seeing that it happens every four years, we seem to enjoy the moment when it arrives. The World Cup fever gets us to join family, friends and colleagues at every turn and celebrate a win or morn a loss. Emotions run wild and companies take advantage of the craze internally and externally.

Ever wondered how soccer players from different backgrounds, speaking different languages with different views and values can effectively play a game with a common goal in mind and work as a cohesive unit? If they can put their differences aside and work together, then what is stopping us in the workplace?

Is this not the kind of attitude that we need to adopt professionally? After all teamwork is vital to the success of any business.

RS has similarly joined in on the celebrations, encouraging colleagues to work together by lifting their spirits and having a month long competition.  How it works is, each internal stakeholder has randomly picked one of the 32 teams out of a hat and have found themselves pairing with the most unlikely of colleagues from different departments. They then play the part of a true supporter by decorating their office space and playing dress up every Friday until the end of the World Cup. This shows their support for the team they chose. It’s great to see them all work together and devise a plan on how they can stand out and make an impact as a team.

You can also be a part of the action, visit RSOnline, register and take part in our World Cup Promotion currently running.  You could get your hands on some great gifts.

There’s only a few days left until the end of the World Cup, and everyone will be at the edge of their seats trying to guess who will take the prize.  World Cup time or not, its definitely inspiring seeing people working and coming together for a sole purpose. Let’s keep the spirit going even after the World Cup is done and dusted. After all that’s what makes South Africa a great place to be in!