Kyalami track racers

Will the sound of roaring engines at Kyalami go quiet?

Kyalami race track -
Kyalami Race track up for auction today

Kyalami race track could today perhaps mark the end of an era or could even be seen as a sad day for what has almost become a landmark in the area and an exciting place for many a car lover.

Kyalami race track will go on auction today. The track is up for sale for R200m. As quoted in Business Day live, “The most successful property liquidation auction in South Africa was for a property in Knysna, which fetched R120m more than a decade ago”. Wonder if Kyalami race track will fetch its R200m mark.

RS Components is situated in the Kyalami Business Park which is effectively next to the race track. The track has almost been a part of our daily lives. We can see the track from our balcony. We can hear the sound of the roaring engines as the cars race around the track. It’s actually quite a beautiful site.

It will be sad to see the track go but who knows what will happen to the space. If the track remains it will be wonderful. If not, we can only hope for positive development in the area, perhaps even more jobs can be created.

The track has been around for about 53 years which even hosted events like Formula One and the A1 Grand Prix. We will definitely be interested to see what our potential new neighbours have in mind with the land.