RS has a new neighbour – we call them Porsche!


It sounds like our view might even get better.

Here at RS we were very eager to learn who our new neighbours will be and what would happen with the Kyalami race track. Kyalami is where the headquarters for the South African branch of our company is based and borders on the Kyalami race track’s grounds. Would we still be able to see the track from our balcony and hear the zooming sound as the cars race around the track? Or would we see an amusement park, shopping mall, new housing estates… it could have been anything.

Great news is we will probably be seeing even more sexy cars as Porsche SA have bought the Kyalami race track. Who knows how it will be spiced up as I hear renovations are in the pipeline. We are still unsure as to what will happen with the rest of the property though as it is a huge piece of land. There is talk about various different things that might happen there in the future, in addition to the race track remaining a race track, but for now we can rest assured that Porsche will be our new neighbour. Not bad, not bad at all.

This purchase price of R205m makes it the highest price in SA for a single lot in South African history. The auction did not last for more than a few minutes and the highest bidder bid over the phone. I think it would have scared me to spend that much money over the phone in about 1 minute and 50 seconds but I guess when you know what you want, you know what you want.

Toby Venter, CEO: Porsche SA had an interview with Business Day TV. To view the video clip, you can click here.

Image of Business Day Interview with Porsche CEO

We have a trade counter at our Kyalami branch. Visit RSOnline for the details. Pop in sometime, maybe you will get a glimpse of our beautiful new neighbours in the form of Porsche’s!