Xperience Efficiency, after thought or after effect!

Xperience Efficiency, after thought or after effect!

My first encounter with the much anticipated Schneider Xperience Efficiency Exhibition, which took place on the 26th and 27th of August 2014, was an amazing experience to say the least. I have got to say, it was everything that the hype around the event proclaimed it to be. The amount of hard work, effort and a well thought out plan was evident in what made for an educational day away from the office.

Bmw i3

I am by no means an engineer, a machine and panel builder or a buyer for electrical components, but this event was a highly educational experience for someone who is completely oblivious to what these products do and how they positively impact the environment. One of the major highlights for me was the future of Automobiles. The BMW I3 was on show demonstrating how cars in the future will be run purely on electrical energy. Also another key insight was the future of Power Meters in this country and how water and electricity will be run on meter boxes allowing us to control our own consumption.

The Exhibition was well planned, with conferences throughout the day. Trained Schneider technicians and staff gave presentations and willingly answered questions which might have been up their alley or not.


One of our Internal Portfolio Managers told me that they felt that the exhibition/conference was very informative. During the Plenary session they were given some food for thought as an overview of energy from an African perspective was discussed with a particular focus on electrical infrastructure, social upliftment and rural electrification opportunities. They also found the discussion on the key energy challenges which South Africa faces, the design of the New BMW i3 and the future of electric mobility fascinating.  The numerous breakaway sessions such as the sessions on the SCADA Expert Vijeo Citect strategy update and the Operating Training Simulators were very interesting.  All the RS employees that attended the event felt enriched by all the possibilities and solutions which Schneider offers.

Overall, it was a great learning experience, a great venue, great exhibitors and not to forget great food and entertainment. It has definitely had a positive effect on me and I’m sure whoever else attended. I will keep an eye out for the future of electrical components in South Africa and Schneider’s next offering.