Build your own Red Pitaya kit

Red Pitaya – Find out what items you need to build your own kit!
You may already have heard that RS recently signed an exclusive agreement with Red Pitaya. The new test and measurement start-up company is a popular and important new contender in the test and measurement field.

RS’s deal with Red Pitaya means that RS will have exclusivity on the distribution of Red Pitaya’s revolutionary new open source test and measurement instrument, offering a simple user interface and is accessile to everyone. Read more about the deal here.

This new product has gained a lot of interest and quickly became very popular. It consists of a single board, is an open source instrument and control platform which can replace many expensive laboratory instruments. Combining a Xilinx-based hardware platform with an open-source online repository of applications like a waveform generator, oscilloscope and spectrum analyser, makes it a very attractive product.

Download a short and easy to use guide which will show you what you need to build your own Red Pitaya kit:

Download here